Monday, December 5, 2011

Some pics of the kidos

Hannah Growing (yes she is 4 months now so these are a bit old)

Hannah loves to smile and talk!

Luke got a new chair for eating and therapy.  Thanks to a great friend for the gift!

More happy Hannah.  She LOVES sitting in the Bubo seat

Luke even helps out with Hannah by swinging her (I ran the batteries out one night and haven't gotten around to replacing them)

My side of the family visiting for Hannah's baptism

Kevin's side of the family visiting for Hannah's baptism

Yes Luke got stitches again, same thing just opposite eye.  Who thought glasses could be so dangerous.  To make him feel better when it was over we went to the park to eat his lunch.  However, the car broke and so it wasn't as pleasant a trip as expected.  Thankfully Kevin was there with his car so we didn't have to call someone but getting Luke and his stuff and two carseats from one car to another smaller one is not an easy task.

Luke is now standing at the bookshelf, chairs, couch and anywhere he can find to stand.

Just my cute Luke.

The Hannah bug with daddy

Luke and his books.  Luke could be here all day reading if I didn't get him to play with other things.  I think it would be an understatement to say that Luke LOVES books.

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  1. i love seeing pics of Luke and seeing how he's progressing. Our little one loves books too!!