Monday, December 5, 2011

Sick but no ER!

Luke, Hannah and I got sick after Thanksgiving.  Luke had it worst with a temperature, I had mainly a cough and sore throat and Hannah was just stuffy.  Luke rode out his temperature  as we gave him more fluids and tried to slow him down.  We carried him back and forth into his bedroom instead of having him crawl.  We tried to keep him interested in low key toys or books (with his love of books he was happy to oblige with that one).  After the fever broke his lungs were spewing a lot yellow and white thick secretions, a sign that there was an infections or virus in his lungs now.  We have noticed that this tends to happen with Luke.  He gets sick somewhere else in his body and his body fights it off but then the bacteria that is permanently colonized in his lungs is not been kept under control and so he gets a lung infection.  His secretions turned mostly white after only a few days and but he had been needing oxygen during the day, just a bit but oxygen none the less.  He also was not sleeping as well, probably because of all the secretions in his mouth, nose and lungs.   We watched and kept close track of him and he seemed to come out of it.  At one point I though of going in to just make sure there wasn't something more serious but then he seemed to pull out of things.  No more oxygen needed, the volume of air in his lungs while sleeping (his vent measures it) was back to normal, he had a couple of better nights sleeping and his secretions were all white and clear.  The increase in secretions that happened then we attributed to the weird weather, rain, snow, cold then warmer.

I am really excited to see that Luke's body can fight this stuff by itself.  His body seems to be doing what it should and with just a little help from us, extra oxygen and more fluids it can kick some of this stuff that "normal" kids get.  Go Luke go!

I on the other hand do not get enough sleep to have totally kicked my cough yet but I am feeling less run down and one of my weekly therapists said I looked a lot better than I did last week when she saw me.  So a couple of more days of some better sleep (Hannah you could help with this ;) ) and I may be back to normal.

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