Saturday, November 26, 2011


What I am thankful for this year...

*family that supports and loves us - we are blessed to have a family full of people who understand that we no longer travel for more than day trips and have super weird rules about cleanliness.  They love Luke even know they will never see a smile, they have learned to read him and love to just love on him, as well as our new little bundle Hannah.

*that we live near enough to my parents to have help with Luke, as they are the only other ones that can care for Luke without us there

* that Luke has not seen been to the ER for a long time and not yet this fall, PRAISE THE LORD.  Although currently he has a slight fever and super junky, we are praying that this is just a normal kid sickness and he will be over it with no further outside care needed.

*a husband who is fully hands on - he can fully take care of Luke and all his needs, he give the kids all their baths, he reads to the kids when he gets home and I usually need a minute to catch a breath, he takes care of me to make sure I am doing well enough to breastfeed Hannah and care for Luke and when I feel like I have done nothing all day assures me I have been productive as I have kept the kids fed and diapered and cared for.

*our home health nurses. There…I said it! They may drive me crazy from time to time, and they are the family that I never wanted to have, but family they are, and I am so thankful for the way that they love my son. I am thankful for the sleep that I am able to get because of them. I am thankful that I rarely am without a nurse.  I am thankful that they are working the holidays this year.  I wish we didn’t need them, but we do, and I am thankful for their commitment to our family. (derived from another mother's post)

*a church family that supports us and even know we are weird and germaphobic so don't let people touch Luke on Sunday morning they still talk to him and have gotten to know him and now Hannah.

*all the people who pray for Luke and us and continue to pray even when we are not in crisis mode and thing are just normal, our normal

*for Hannah, even though she didn't come in the manner I wanted, is here and healthy and such a cutie and a joy.

*for a house, food, clothing, internet, heating, a comfy bed.

*a God who has gotten me through everything so far with Luke and will be there with me forever.

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