Monday, May 11, 2015

New Ventilator! Trilogy 100 vs. LTV 1150

Luke got a new vent last week, finally!!!  We are very excited about it and think it is great.  So far Luke is doing very well on the new vent.

So here's the deal, Luke has been on an LTV1150 since he came out of the hospital at 3 1/2 months old.  We had not serious thoughts of changing vents until we were at a special clinic for hypoventilaton and they suggested changing to the Trilogy.  When we talked to our regular pulmonolgoist they were all for it but said we needed to wait till the "sick" season was over.  To get a new vent we have to be admitted to the hospital for 1-2 nights to make sure Luke does well on the new vent.  Every vent ventilates a little bit different so you have to make sure that whoever is changing can tolerate the new ventilation.  Since there is a ventilator involved you have to be admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).  From late fall through early spring the PICU can be pretty busy and thus since we would be there voluntarily and no sick while changing a vent we would get kicked out if they needed a bed.  So to decrease the likelihood of making all the plans for a hospital visit 3 hours from home we waited till May.

You may be asking, "Why would you want a new vent?  What are the benefits?"  I created a video to show you why I love Luke's new Trilogy 100 ventilator.  It shows many of the differences between the two vents.

Please feel free to ask questions and share your Trilogy and LTV stories in the comments below!



  1. Hi there -- just wanted to say thank you so much for this video! We recently switched our 21 month old daughter from the LTV 1150 to the Trilogy 200 and agree with many of the Trilogy pros and LTV cons you presented here. (I have such special hatred for that LTV backpack, which is such a poor design and fit for the vent it's like they were intentionally trying to make something awful).

    One thing I wanted to note that we've seen (and I've not seen discussed anywhere else in any vent comparisons) re: supplemental oxygen. Our daughter needs it, and the Trilogy is *much* less efficient at delivering it. Whereas she generally needed 0.25L or less on the LTV, she usually needs 1.0-1.5L on the Trilogy. Strangely, we used an oxygen analyzer (that tells you the % oxygen) and 0.25L on the LTV was giving the same % oxygen as 1.0L on the Trilogy. So she doesn't actually *need* more oxygen, the Trilogy just seems to deliver less of it, if that makes sense. I point this out because for kids who have high oxygen requirements (our daughter's is pretty low, so it's not a big deal, although it means us lugging around an extra tank), the Trilogy might not work.

    Anyway, thanks again for publishing this! Best of luck to you and your cute (not so little) boy! We are friends with a family with a Moebius baby, so I will likely pass the website on to them (if they haven't frequented it already).

  2. Aloha! I'm Rock Paul from Honolulu. I came across your video as I was researching and browsing thru the Internet for the difference between the LTV 1200 (which I am using now for 20 months) vs. the Trilogy 100(which I will be switching soon). I was excited to see the video and appreciate your detailed comparison between the two ventilators. Obviously the Trilogy 100 is a much more better and hi-tech evolution of a portable ventilator. I will be transitioning soon from a nursing facility to home, and the ventilator company that will service me has the Trilogy. Honestly I'm a bit worried to switching to the new one. But after watching videos, my fears have been gone. As I'm excited to go home finally and be with finally, I'm also excited to use the Trilogy. A big Mahalo (Hawaiian thank you). Warm hugs and kisses to Luke.

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