Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We have a kindergartener!

Luke started kindergarten this week.  It has gone well so far.  He is still getting used to things and there is a lot for him to take in.  He has been doing his morning work that involves coloring apples with letters or numbers and writing out the alphabet (not clearly but he made the letters to the best of his abilities).  His favorite time is music time when they play songs on a big screen and sign, dance, count, say the alphabet, and chant.

Kevin built a new cart for him to push his vent around in.  So far it works really well.  Luke is still working on the steering part though.  Luke walks so well that I do find it sad at times that he is once again tied to the ventilator.  I feel that this cart is helpful but it isn't just walking by himself.  For us, this cart is great and allows us to move around without hauling over 50 lbs of equipment or having to pull a wagon behind Luke.  We haven't tried a playground yet but it has been raining a LOT.

The leaves are beautiful reds mainly with oranges, yellows, and maroons mixed in.  It is relaxing and calming to look out on the beautiful fall trees.  Fall is my favorite time of the year and I am enjoying it.  Up until about a week ago it was beautiful outside so we got to enjoy quite a bit of it.

Hannah is doing well and is dressing herself in matching clothes more and more which makes her look even cuter than she already is.  She wants to be running the show, to have all the ideas, and to be in control of all she does.  She is one to do the opposite of what you suggest even if you suggest her favorite thing.  She can turn into a sad girl at the drop of the hat and everything comes to a halt.  However, she can also be super sweet with "Thanks yous" "Great idea mom" and "Sure mom".  She is still really into drawing and coloring and really good at it.  She is naming her babies now and she takes them all over like a regular mom would.  It is really cute to watch her.  She is also still in the book mode and loves to have lots of books read to her.

Luke has been playing with the kitchen set more and likes to put his head in the dishwasher section and look up.  It is very amusing.  Translucent letters are probably his favorite thing to play with.  They are lines and curves of different colors.  They have instructions on how to make letters but we end up making elevators, bedrooms, and people as well as letters.  The other day we were playing with wooden blocks and we ended up pretending by making some people ride in a car to the playground and then go down the slide we made with steps (essential oil shipping tubes make great tunnel slides).  Hannah just put her people down the slide but Luke stepped his up all the steps and then down the slide.

Hannah is getting too big and has been banned from our bed while both Kevin and I are in it.  Usually she wants in our bed in the middle of the night and she has been easy to rock for a minute and put back into her bed so far.  I am waiting for the morning that I wake up without having had gotten up to put her back.

We are still waiting for the final report from CAMP and last week I turned a corner and pulled myself out of the pit of stress waiting for that and have been doing much better since.  Getting Luke ready and to school has also been a bit stressful but he is there and we are moving forward on that front.

We have been back to school, playgroups, and small group which has been great for my spirit as I am getting back into time with friends face to face. :)

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