Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Real food for real people

Real food for real people... I have chosen to feed my son, who eats by g-tube, real food blended up.  I have heard many stories of speical needs kids greatly improving when moving from formula to real food diets.  Luke hasn't know any different and is doing just great.  Its not really that hard.  The hardest part is getting the nutritionist you are working with to get on board with you.  Here are some resources I have found helpful.

Blenderized Diet group on Yahoo Groups
Super Baby Foods by Ruth Yaron (Yes this is for babies who eat by mouth and are "normal" but has great nutritional info, recipes, how to blend, store, use fruits and veggies, and how to do it all in a small amount of time.)
Homemade Blenderized Diet Handbook
http://youstartwithatube.blogspot.com - a blog I recently found that I haven't even gotten to all the info yet)
Me - I love to talk about it so feel free to contact me.

An interesting note is that while at the Moebius Syndrome Conference a nurse that used to be in Australia said it was the norm to give blenderized food to g-tube fed people in the hospital.  Awesome for Australians.

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  1. I read Super Baby Food and used many of the tips to make and store Graham's food. Granted he didn't do tube feeding, but I can tell you it wasn't that hard, but you need a lot of freezer space!