Saturday, January 26, 2013


So all the overwhelming things caught up to me today.  And what was the thing that made it all come crashing down in my mind?  Not that I may not have nursing after Feb. 20th.  Not that the blender broke today and I NEED a blender to feed Luke as he is fed through a tube.  It was that I bought ham for the quiche tonight and left it at the store, 20 minutes away, and didn't realize it till it was time for it to go into the quiche when we needed dinner in the oven and to feed the kids and there was no time to go back.  I really was looking forward to a spinach AND ham quiche.  Then I went upstairs to try to call Vitamix again about the smoke coming out of ours and I saw something my dad posted, a link to a blog with the title "A Life Plan When You’re Overwhelmed: Sanity Manifesto Printable".  Wow God is awesome.  How much did I need that right there, right then.   And then it takes me to one of my favorite blogs, Ann Voskamp's blog.  I wish I had time to read her blog more.  Her blog could be a devotional.  She also wrote "One Thousand Gifts" about thanking God and how much better of an outlook on life and your relationship with God will be.  Okay so here's the link:

At first I only got some of it.  There is an explanation for each of her items down lower.  But the main point is, FORWARD!  That we need to keep moving forward.  I tend to get overwhelmed and freeze.  I don't do anything.  And then I feel awful when I start to come out of it.

I am going to use this to keep moving forward when I just want to stand still.  Maybe not all of these are for you.  As Ann says, "I scrawl out mine, which would be different than yours, and make a place for it on the fridge and it’s not a law, but a scaffolding for the shaky, struggling days."

Since my sanity is in question this evening, I will start with Ann's.  So many of these grabbed me but some at the top are "Word In", get the Word of God in my system every day, "Hard Stops for Prayer", stopping for prayer at certain times every day.  And I would say how she talked about having some things you do at the same time every day or every week.  About having repetion.  I liked this because when everyday feels like chaos there would be things that I would have that always happen. I like that.

Okay so enough from me.  Just take a minute and read it...

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