Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick infection and poo update

So Luke went through some more bad poos when we started the antibiotic for the infection at his pin sites.  I switched his diet back to dairy free and changed it up to what I call the "diarrhea go away" mix.  This mix is working as I have not had a bad poo in over 48 hours.  The c-diff has gone away with antibiotics and his poos have a more normal and not quite so toxic smell.  I am  considering going out in public again with him too.  This is great as when you have a boy with explosive poos going anywhere is not fun and involves lots of extra clothes, blankets to catch things, diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizing wipes to wipe everyone down when we are done.

As for the infections, today they finally looked okay to me and moving towards healing.  Luke is still in some pain just before we give meds and it is sad to see.  When he gets tired it gets worse and sometimes just before bed can be rough.  Today was really rough as he decided to change up his routine at bedtime and wanted Irish music instead of his Signing Time Sleepy music.  There was lots of frustration by all before I thought to ask if he wanted Irish music.  I have to say "Thank You" to the Holy Spirit for putting that one on my lips as I have no idea why I asked that just then.

We are still turning the pins.  His jaw is coming out nicely in the forward direction but is skewed to the right.  So we are turning more on the right than the left.  Saturday we plan to send in pictures to the docs again and hopefully they will give us the okay to stop turning.  Monday we go back down to see them and hopefully get the pins taken out.  I am hoping this trip will go better as it will be without c-diff poo.  When the pins come out Luke can go back to playing on the floor and moving about.  He is getting pretty bored sitting in his chair all day.  It is hard to let him sit and play on the ground because Hannah, who LOVES her big brother, likes to touch and pull and prod Luke.  Also, he still has times where he just lets his head fall or gets off balance and I am afraid that he will hit the pins on the ground and do some serious damage.  So he stays in his chair...till Monday.

Please pray
 for him to be in less pain and less agitated.
For us to be able to keep him occupied in his chair and him to be content with being in his chair.
For the last days of turning the pins to put his jaw in the right place
for the pins to come out on Monday
for a safe and uneventfull trip down to the doctor on Monday

Here are some recent pics.  I will post a series when we are all done turing.

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