Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hannah - one month

Hannah is a month old!  She is 11 lbs 10 oz and a bundle of joy.   She loves to be held and will very often fuss unless she is being held.  Some good jiggling will keep her happy as well.  She follows voices and faces with her eyes and makes some very cute face.  She is very strong and has been holding her head up from what seems like the beginning but is pretty good at it now.  She pushes off with her legs and her arms with more force than you would expect and wiggles a lot while she is awake.

Hannah - 2 days old

Oh and did I mention she was noisy.  Luke was our first and he can't talk and it took him awhile to learn how to make a good amount of noise with the vent and since the vent was taken off doesn't make noise at all, with his mouth that is, he is really good at noise making with toys.  So we generally were used to a quite baby that would could hear breathe all the time through the vent.  Well dear Miss Hannah has some good lungs and knows how to use them.  She can really squawk and wail as well as squeak and grunt.  She is very noisy and lately it seems she is doing more "talking" to us and calling for us as well as the rest of the fussing.  Luke is not bothered one bit by her wailing.  He will occasionally look at her now if she makes more talking type noises.

Hannah and Luke "playing" together

Hannah is now sleeping in large chunks at night.  Hooray!  She still has trouble getting to sleep about half the nights but once asleep she does great.

So one month into being parents of two kids we are doing pretty good.  We still don't have time for much of anything but we expected that with two small children.

Luke working on standing

A family picture.

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  1. She is adorable Emily! Looks like Luke is being a great big brother.