Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hannah and Luke

Until a few days ago Luke basically ignored Hannah, even her loud crying very near him.  But in the past few days he has been pointing to her and signing "baby" more.  When we were going through letters the other day he was telling me some things that start with the letter we were on and when we got to "H" he pointed to Hannah.  We have been telling him Hannah's name by signing and "H" and jiggling it like we sign an "L" for Luke and jiggle it.  

Today he took off his HME and threw it into the bassinet things she was sleeping in.  I am not sure if this was purposeful or by accident but pretty funny.  Things haven't been all good.  The changes in our household have been apparent in negative ways as Luke has pulled his trach out twice in since Hannah has come home.  We have also had some long trying periods of time outs due to trach pulling.

Generally things are going well.  I still have helpers to lift Luke so we will really see what happens when it becomes 1 adult/parent to 2 kids in a few weeks.

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